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Heelio Dealio’s: For the Love of Hardwood & Shoes!

As an avid lover of both hardwood floors and high heeled shoes, we’re always looking for smart solutions to the age old battle between elegant stilettos and beautiful hardwoods. Those dainty stilettos might look delicate and harmless, but did you know that a woman in heels can cause the same amount of damage to hardwood Continue Reading »

How to Protect & Maintain Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home. They’re a great investment. They can change the look of a space and elevate your home to a whole new status. As leaders in the hardwood flooring industry, one of the questions we receive most often is: How do I protect my hardwood floors? Hardwood floors Continue Reading »

Damp crawlspaces can cause problems to hardwood flooring

Attention homeowners with crawlspaces!! Whether you already have hardwood floors in your home, or if you are considering adding hardwood floors, a dry crawlspace is a must. Charleston is a high-moisture area, and wet crawlspaces can cause buckling and warping of hardwoods on the floors above damp crawlspaces. If you have ever considered enclosing your Continue Reading »

EHWF uses Low Emissions Wood Flooring Finish

News from the National Wood Flooring Association’s Hardwood Flooring magazine: the Loba-Wakol line of finishes, used in many of Elegant Hardwood Floors’ projects, is now officially designated as a low emissions/low voc product. Loba Now Licensed to Use Low Emissions Seal Loba (Ditzingen, Germany) is one of the first manufacturers of wood flooring finishes to Continue Reading »