Hardwood Floors Services Charleston SC

For historic renovation, new construction, remodel and commercial properties:

  • Professionally install hardwood floors.
  • Sand and refinish existing floors.
  • Offer shoe molding, parquet and emblem installation.
  • Offer Dustless Sanding Capability. Bona Atomic 110 Dustless Sanding System: This machine is the most up to date system on the market for dust containment. Your home will be free of any dust, and we guarantee a clean and smooth finish.
  • Sand and Refinish IPE and other porches and decks.

EHF Products:

  • Sell hundred of styles of flooring for any budget. Including Solid Wood, Prefinished, Engineered and Laminate flooring.
  • Carry a full line of quality stains and finishes, such as Bona Stains. Why Bona? “Bona’s Waterborne Hardwood Floor Finish has professional grade performance with easy application and water clean-up. The low VOC’s meet or exceed all local, state, and federal standards” (from Bona Stains website).
  • Offer economical stains and finishes for any project. Including Minwax and Dura Seal.

Estimate Phase:

  • Fully insured with General Liability and Worker’s Compensation. Information provided upon request.
  • Offer on-site visit and a free estimate.
  • Provide samples of wood or finishes to your home or floor of the job site.

Project Phase:

  • Employees are handpicked craftsmen. We do not sub out labor.
  • Project management on job sites.
  • Warehouse to house, acclimate or prep any wood.
  • Guarantee all work.