Heelio Dealio’s: For the Love of Hardwood & Shoes!

Heelio Dealio: For the Love of Hardwood & Shoes! || Elegant Hardwood FloorsAs an avid lover of both hardwood floors and high heeled shoes, we’re always looking for smart solutions to the age old battle between elegant stilettos and beautiful hardwoods. Those dainty stilettos might look delicate and harmless, but did you know that a woman in heels can cause the same amount of damage to hardwood floors as a 2,000 lbs elephant? Yikes!

So, we were immediately intrigued when we stumbled across this amazing new invention from Canadian entrepreneur, Heelio Dealio’s.

After installing brand new hardwood floors just before the holidays, the couple behind Heelio Dealio’s wanted to throw a Christmas party to show off their new interior to friends and family, but weren’t keen on having women’s stilettos destroy their brand new investment.

Of course, they couldn’t very well ask their guests to remove their heels upon entering the house. So, after a bit of finagling they came up with a simple solution. Using leftover felt furniture leg protectors found in an old junk drawer, they provided high heeled guests with a sticky felt piece they could stick to the bottom of their heel. The party was a success, the floors remained undamaged and an idea was born!Heelio Dealio's: For the Love of Hardwood & Shoes! || Elegant Hardwood Floors

They’ve come a long way from the sticky felt leftovers, but the idea remains the same.

Heelio Dealio’s are a clear, flexible, durable heel that attaches to the bottom of a women’s high heel. It protects hardwood floors and other delicate flooring from the wear, tear, scrapes and dents those delicate-looking heels can make. Additionally, they can protect heels from becoming damaged when attending outdoor events on soft ground, like grass. A win, win for protecting two of your most prized possessions.