How to Best Care for Your Dark Hardwood Floors

How to Best Care for Your Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark hardwood floors have become extremely popular these days, for a combination of reasons. For one thing, the beauty of wood provides a wonderful association with the natural world, and there aren’t many floor surfaces which can rival the warm appeal of a hardwood floor. Dark hardwood floors are also extremely durable, and when any damage does occur, it can often be camouflaged by the flooring, so it’s not obvious to anyone else. Although dark hardwood floors go far back into history, they still add a very modern and bold touch to any room in which they’re installed. To keep that natural beauty intact, and to shield your dark hardwood floors from any unnecessary damage, here are some tips for ongoing maintenance.

Make sure shoes are removed

All household members, as well as all visitors to your residence should be requested to have shoes removed before walking on your hardwood floors. It’s very easy for dirt and tiny pebbles to be caught up in the soles of shoes, after which they can be ground into your hardwood floor to cause scratches and other damage. Wearing socks or slippers is best, because they impart no damage at all to the floors. Surprisingly, it can be harmful for you or your guests to go barefoot on your hardwood floors, because the oils in your feet can leave footprints which can degrade the flooring.

Use felt pads under furniture

Furniture such as chairs and sofas can cause significant damage to your dark hardwood floors when they are moved or shoved, imparting scratches and possibly gouges to the area underneath. The easy way to prevent this is to apply felt pads to any chairs or sofas in the room, and to check them frequently to make sure they haven’t fallen off. It’s especially important that you periodically check your dining room chairs, because they get so much usage.

Use the right vacuum

Not all vacuums are appropriate for use on dark hardwood floors, so it’s important to check the usage recommendations on any vacuum that you purchase. Hardwood floors can be scratched up by the wrong type of vacuum, so while you think you’re maintaining and cleaning your floor, you could actually be damaging it.

Use a microfiber mop

Brooms are notorious for scratching up hardwood floors, even if it’s only a little bit at a time. A much better approach to cleaning your hardwood floor would be to use a microfiber mop or some kind of Swiffer. These are much softer cleaning tools, and in addition to being safer for your floor, they’re a whole lot more effective than a broom is at picking up dust and particles.

Use a cleaner specifically made for hardwood floors

When stains or spills occur on your hardwood floor, be sure that you’re using a cleaner which is specifically made for hardwood floors. Any cleaning products which are made with oils or waxes have the potential of degrading the polyurethane which protects the wood flooring. If you consistently use these type of cleaners, you will eventually expose the wood itself, and you would then be obliged to refinish the floor in a major project. When you’re choosing your hardwood cleaner, make sure to read the label so you can purchase a product which is recommended for hardwood floors, and which is safe for pets and children.


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