Choose Your Flooring Like a Pro – Designer Tips for Hardwood

Choose Your Flooring Like a Pro - Designer Tips for Hardwood

Even with varying home decor styles, hardwood is an excellent choice thanks to its durability and timelessness. You may have decided that you’d like hardwood floors in your home, but aren’t sure which direction to go from there. If you’re looking for some designer tips for hardwood floors, here are several from top decorators to get you started.


Consider the Plank Width

When you choose hardwood flooring, you should be able to select from different plank widths. The size of the planks should match the room proportions, with wider planks making a room appear sleek and clean and narrower planks giving the appearance of a warm and cozy environment.

The standard width for planks in most existing homes is 2 1/4,” but you can find planks that are 3 1/4″ and wider if you are starting from scratch. Although you can use wide planks in a smaller room, designers advise that you should select planks that are wider (five or more across) in rooms bigger than 1,000 square feet.


What is the Best Finish and Style?

Once you’ve defined the structure of your flooring, you get to move onto the fun part – the finish and style. The finish of your wood floor should reflect your desires for such things as maintenance, texture and feel, durability, and visual appeal.

There are many excellent options available in wood flooring such as lacquer, urethane, and oil and waxed. Wood floors also have various styles of texture and gloss. The current trend has edged more towards a floor with a low sheen because it hides wear and tear, has a rustic look, and fits with other popular interior design trends.

You will have many hardwood styles to keep you busy, and your choice will depend on your preferences and decor. Some hardwood offers a more contemporary look and others are more traditional. Exotic hardwoods have more color variations between boards and some hardwood has more graining than others.


Don’t Forget About the Flow

The next choice to make is how the wood floor will flow throughout your home. Traditionally, a floor begins at the front door and flows to the back of the home, with planks running perpendicular to the joist. This arrangement makes your room feel the most inviting, as if telling anyone entering the home that they are “welcome.”


Be Consistent with Your Selection

Once you choose a species and color, stick with that in all major areas of the home to make your space appear larger and more cohesive. Your home will feel larger the less you vary the flooring from room to room. This is one of the primary reasons that people are now choosing hardwood flooring for kitchens and entryways. Of course, you will want to pick something else for a master bath due to the potential for water damage.


Elegant Hardwood Floors for Your Next Flooring Project

The qualified professionals at Elegant Hardwood Floors have cultivated a reputation for outstanding quality and customer service. Not only is hardwood flooring long-lasting and luxurious, but it is also versatile, durable, environmentally-friendly, and promotes enhanced air quality.

If you are looking for designer tips for hardwood, we can help. Our experts will be happy to further explain the benefits of hardwood and help you make an informed decision about flooring that will best suit your needs. Contact us now to get started.