Environmental Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

Most of us know that hardwood flooring is a beautiful addition to our home, but what you may not be aware of is that it is also an environmentally friendly choice. Sustainable forest management makes it possible to harvest wood without any serious impact on the environment, because trees are a renewable resource that can be replaced time and time again. Here are some of the environmental benefits of hardwood flooring.

  • Wood is a carbon neutral product that produces oxygen during its growth cycle and stores carbon during its service life.
  •  At the end of its service life, wood flooring can be burned as fuel or recycled whereas other flooring materials cannot.
  • Wood floors last hundreds of years, so won’t need to be replaced as often as other flooring options.

When it comes time for you to choose flooring options for your home, consider hardwood floors. Not only do they add to the value of your home, but they are a smart, economical, and eco-friendly choice.