Hardwood Flooring Myths and Facts

There are a number of myths which have circulated about hardwood floors, literally for centuries, and some of these misunderstandings and myths have cost a fortune to those in the business.  Some have also caused numerous homeowners to make uninformed decisions. It is worthwhile to consider some of these long-running myths, in an effort to set the record straight about hardwood flooring.

It’s necessary to wax hardwood floors frequently.

This myth was originally quite true, in the early days of hardwood floors. However, floor finishes have undergone dramatic enhancement since those days, and wax is now unnecessary for 21st-century hardwood floors. As long ago as the 1930’s, polyurethane finishes were introduced which negated the need for waxing, and since that time, hardwood floors have become even more durable, and have even less need of waxing.

The truth is, waxing a hardwood floor now would be a detriment, because it would make it difficult or impossible to apply a new finish when needed. Another reason for avoiding any kind of wax coating on your hardwood floor is that it’s slippery for anyone wearing socks, which represents the potential for household slips and falls.

Refinishing hardwood floors is a great DIY project.

This is a myth about hardwood flooring that’s probably not a good idea for more than one reason. In the first place, do-it-yourselfers will have to rent equipment in order to remove the previous finish. This type of  equipment is generally not nearly as capable as what a professional would use. It’s also true that a do-it-yourselfer is likely to remove more wood than is necessary when trying to remove a previous finish, which can actually shorten the lifespan of your hardwood floor. Even someone who is a very proficient do-it-yourselfer would not be able to do a job comparable to a professional, simply because they won’t have access to the best floor finishes, as a professional would.

A great finish will prevent scratches.

While you might think this myth about hardwood flooring is true, especially when listening to manufacturers talk about their pre-finished flooring, it simply is not. Certain varieties of wood are more resistant to scratches and dents than others, but there is no wood that is completely dent-proof or scratch-proof.

It is however, quite true that some finishes are much better than others at resisting wear and tear, although the same finishes may not be nearly as good at resisting impact damages. As odd as this may sound, you probably want a finish that will allow the wood to be dented, so that the seal provided by the finish will remain intact. There is no such thing as scratch-proof flooring, despite what you may hear from manufacturers, and any time you drag some kind of sharp object across a hardwood floor, damage is a high possibility.

Hardwood floors are inappropriate in kitchens.

Hardwood floors are great for kitchen flooring. They provide warmth, elegance, and charm, and they are sufficiently durable to withstand the wear and tear delivered to the most-used room in the household. With the right wood choice and the right finish applied to that wood, hardwood flooring can make a wonderful choice for any kitchen.

It’s a fact:

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