How to Pet-Proof Your Hardwood Floors

By September 17, 2018Hardwood Flooring Care
How to Pet-Proof Your Hardwood Floors

It’s a common misnomer that pet owners are precluded from having nice things – like hardwood floors. With a bit of planning, you’ll find that cats and dogs are entirely compatible with hardwood. Here are several ways that you can keep your beautiful hardwood floors safe from the feline and canine and members of your family.

Here are the care tips we suggest:

1. Trim their nails.

The most common concern surrounding hardwood floors and pets involves nail damage. This is simple enough to remedy with frequent trimmings. The ASPCA says that, when you can hear a pet’s nails “clicking” on the ground when they walk, it’s time for a trim. Since cats have retractable claws, this isn’t as much of an issue as with dogs.

2. Avoid heavy or large pet toys.

Maybe your pet has a favorite toy. If it’s a plush rabbit or ball, your hardwood floors will thank you when it goes flying through the air and lands without a sound. Large, sharp objects, however, should probably be phased out by the time you install those new hardwood floors.

3. Get them a bed.

If your pet has a favorite corner of the room, give them some extra cushion with a designated blanket or pet bed. Over time, pet hair can wear away the finish on a hardwood floor. If you keep them from settling in one spot or provide a barrier, you can prevent any of these problems.

4. Keep them groomed.

Pets can bring in dirt and grime from the outside and even various nooks and crannies of your home. While cats will tend to keep themselves groomed, dogs need some extra help. When you regularly groom pets and keep them brushed, you can reduce the amount of dirt on your floors as well as the loose hair.

5. Clean up pet dander.

Speaking of loose hair, pet hair can wear into your hardwood floors over time. This is why it’s essential to keep your hardwood floors clean with a vacuum cleaner or broom. Experts suggest a weekly cleaning, but you might want to do this more often if you have several pets or a breed with longer hair.

6. Quickly wipe up accidents.

One sure way to damage a hardwood floor is with floods – and urine. While floods are rare, you might want to think about how common pet “accidents” will be on your floors. If they are rare and you can wipe them up quickly, your floors will be fine.

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