Why Natural Oil Finishes are a Good Choice for Your Wood Floors

Why Natural Oil Finishes are a Good Choice for Your Wood Floors

You’ll likely spend a significant amount of time choosing the right hardwood flooring for your next project. Or maybe you already have hardwood floors and want to make sure that they are going to give you the look and finish that you want for as long as possible.

When it comes to finishes, you have several choices. What type of finish you choose depends in equal part on your preferences and your circumstances. In other words, do you want a matte or gleaming finish? Will the floor be subject to humidity or be in a high traffic area?

Natural oil finishes are excellent options for wood floors because they will penetrate deeper into the wood than a traditional finish. This means that its effect on the wood is more profound. Some of the different types of natural oil finishes use tung or linseed oil as a base. Other oils that you might encounter include soy, china wood, sunflower, hemp, and safflower. There are several benefits to using these oils on your wood floors.

Superior Protection

If you just want basic protection for your wood floors, just about any type of wood floor finish will be satisfactory. It only makes sense, however, that you would want to protect your investment, which is a benefit of using natural oil finishes.

These finishes penetrate the floors more deeply instead of just sitting on the surface. This gives you more protection against such things as scratches and gouges. While a surface finish might provide some extra durability, it will require several more coats of protection to achieve this goal.

Authentic Look and Feel

The best wood finishes do more than just provide protection. They also enhance the look of the flooring and accentuate its beauty. An oil finish will bring out the wood’s essence, giving it a more natural look that is smooth and warm. There are different shades and colors available in oil finishes, but the idea is to showcase the existing wood’s natural beauty.

Lower Maintenance

Hardwood floors are always going to require maintenance no matter which finish you select. Knowing this, you can avoid having to re-sand floors if you oil-finish them and keep them properly maintained. Floors should be cleaned regularly with a manufacturer-recommended product with a microfiber mop. Just a few simple steps after using natural oil finishes can give them more protection and help you avoid costly repairs.


Natural oil finishes are also environmentally-friendly. These are non-volatile substances that have less of an effect on the environment than many alternatives. These are also an excellent choice for projects that aim to be LEED certified.

How much oil you use will depend on the type of oil and floor that you have as well as the benefits you wish to receive from the application. When you install a wood floor, protecting it with the right finish should be one of your next decisions.

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