Pros and Cons of Hand-Scraped Wood Flooring

By September 30, 2018Hardwood Flooring Types
Pros and Cons of Hand-Scraped Wood Flooring

Before you invest in replacing, refinishing, or upgrading to hand-scraped wood flooring, know the pros and cons. Hardwood flooring is high-end and durable; plus, the hand-carved craftsmanship of hand-scraping can give contemporary floors a cool, vintage style. But, are there any cons to these natural wood surfaces?

Here’s what you need to know about hand-scraped wood flooring:

Hand-scraped floors are exquisite.

The appearance of a hand-scraped floor is unlike any other flooring that you may be familiar with. Each plank is tediously scraped and resurfaced to have an antique look that can dramatically enhance your interiors. These floors are sophisticated and a focal point of the home.

Wood flooring is good for the environment.

Wood flooring in general has environmental benefits; when wood flooring is discarded, it can be recycled or burned as fuel for energy which makes it an eco-friendly choice. Talk to your contractor about using recycled wood for your custom hand-scraped floors; this might even save you money!

Wood floors last and last.

Probably one of the main reasons that homeowners opt for wood flooring is due to its longevity. A maintained wood floor can last hundreds of years, which is much longer than the lifespan of laminate, vinyl, or even tile floors.

Natural building materials improve air quality.

Did you know that natural hardwood floors can improve the air that your family breathes? The way that wood flooring improves the air quality in your space is by repelling the dust and allergens that carpets and other surfaces can trap. When this debris is trapped in your floors, it becomes airborne and is breathed in by anyone in the home.

Wood floors are easy to take care of.

You should also know about the maintenance of hand-scraped wood flooring, and all-natural wood floors. It is easy to clean and preserve your wood floors with little effort. You won’t have the worries of spills and stains like you would with carpeting. Plus, wood is a forgiving surface that won’t chip, crack, or tear like other floors do.

The only downside to hand-scraped flooring may be the initial cost; hand-scraped floors are labor intensive, as the craftsman carves each plank by-hand to the desired smoothness and texture, which takes time and skill. The result is a beautiful finish and vintage look that is highly sought and very distinctive. Know that a high-end feature such as this will pay for itself over time by improving your overall property value, making it a smart investment for homeowners to consider.

Consider updating your current floors to masterful hand-scraped flooring with Elegant Hardwood Floors in Charleston. Talk to our custom craftsmen and contractors today about enhancing and improving your floors, and reap the many benefits of natural wood in your home.