Which Rooms are Best for Hardwood Flooring?

Which Rooms are Best for Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood is America’s favorite hard-surface flooring type, but it might not be the right material for every room in your home. Each of your home’s spaces comes with its own challenges, and you want to be sure to have a combination of beauty and function in your flooring.

So, if you are considering new flooring for your home, look carefully at each room before making a decision. You may love the look and feel of hardwood, but it may only be suitable for certain areas.

The Best Rooms for Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring will give your home a warm and classic look. You won’t have to worry about the performance of your floors in these rooms provided you are taking proper care of them.

Living room.

Hardwood is the most obvious choice in your home’s living room. Even with a lot of foot traffic, high-quality floors will look beautiful in this part of your home and hold up well with the proper care. This is also the room where you will do most of your entertaining and no flooring is more impressive than hardwood.

Dining room.

Whether your dining room is casual or considered more formal, you can enhance the design of your room with the right hardwood flooring choice. Add some extra protection to your floors with soft pads made for your table and chairs.

Family room.

Your family room or den is a place that will enjoy many hours of family fun. You can accent your elegant hardwood floors with comfortable furniture and rugs to create an inviting space.

Master suite.

Harwood is a natural product and the perfect fit for a clean, crisp bedroom environment. This type of flooring can be combined with the right rug to create a romantic master suite.

Home office.

According to New Worker Magazine, hardwood flooring in an office space increases productivity. For this reason alone, this is an excellent choice for your home’s library or office niche.  


Where Homeowners Should Consider Another Flooring Choice

Hardwood might be so gorgeous, that you are tempted to install it in every room. This would be a mistake. Here are several areas of your home that generally don’t do well with this type of flooring.


Hardwood and water don’t mix. This is the primary reason that it is never a good idea to put wood floors in a bathroom. If you decide to go this route, you should also plan on some expensive repairs and replacements down the road.


Your home’s foyer is where you track in dirt, sand, rain, ice, and even the rare clump of snow. This is all material that will get into the cracks and crevices of your hardwood flooring and create havoc. Choose another material.

Laundry room.

Too many things can go wrong in a laundry room to put hardwood here. Wet clothes can fall on the floor or, worse, your washing machine can leak. Tile or laminate is a better choice here.  

Using Hardwood in the Kitchen

Some homeowners want to extend their hardwood into the kitchen, and this is possible under certain conditions. Engineered hardwood is generally a better choice in this room than solid hardwood because it handles moisture better. Whichever option you choose, seal your floors regularly to keep them safe. Also, clean up spills immediately and avoid using a steam mop.

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