Yes, Elegant Flooring Installs Tile!

Elegant Flooring of Charleston also installs tile. Surprised? We may be the Lowcountry’s premier name in quality hardwood floors, but we have also been installing tile for several years now. In every job, we strive to deliver the same dedication and attention to detail that our hardwood customers enjoy, as well as the same impressive results.

At Elegant Flooring, the customer’s tile experience is very much like their hardwood experience, from start to finish. Please join us as we walk through the Elegant tile installation process!

Elegant Tile Consultation

Customers enter the Elegant consultation room, eager to get started on their kitchens, bathroom floors and backsplashes, laundry rooms, mudrooms – anywhere in the home where water resistance and durability are chief concerns.

Our customers have ideas, sometimes misconceptions, and LOTS of questions. So, our flooring experts LISTEN. We want to hear your ideas and inspirations. We want to flip through the pictures on your phone and your magazine clippings. We may even visit your home to get a feel for the environment and your lifestyle.

With all this information, and the tile expert’s talent and experience, we make suggestions and offer alternatives to find the perfect look and materials to suit your needs.

Elegant Project Planning

When you have made your selection, our experts dig in, looking for the best supplier, the best deal, and the readiest availability. Sourcing, purchasing, scheduling crews, and coordinating with other contractors who may be present in your home.

Elegant Tile Installation

The installation crew arrives, and the “fun” begins. Is a tile job always quiet, unobtrusive, and squeaky clean? No. But Elegant Flooring assures you that every step of the installation process is designed to be as smooth, efficient, and hassle-free for you as possible – all with a constant eye toward quality.

In fact, your tile expert stays on the case, touring the job site regularly to ensure that quality and schedule are maintained, and any potential hiccups are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Elegant Results

When the job is finished, the installers have cleaned up and gone, and the mortar has set, your tile consultant will conduct the final walkthrough to ensure every detail meets – and hopefully BEATS – your expectations. We want you to be fully satisfied with the results AND the process.

The Secret to Our Success

In the end, the secret to Elegant’s tile installation success is that there is no secret. The same customer service, quality materials, expert consultation, and skilled craftsmanship that Charleston has come to expect from Elegant hardwoods are right there on display in our tile work. We invite you contact us, pay a visit to the Elegant Flooring showroom, and share your inspiration!